Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Birthday - Sentimental Sunday No. 52

Cindy, Dad & Mom - Father's Day 1983

Tuesday will be my birthday.  I've stopped counting now.  I was 50 last year.  Now I'm going with "50'ish". 

If you've read my Sentimental Sunday's in the past - you know that I miss my parents tremendously.  But, on holidays - and especially on my birthday - the emptiness of where they once were is even more present.  They were amazing parents who loved me, cherished me, and made me always feel so special and important.  And birthday's were especially important.

Miss you Mom and Dad - today and everyday. I'll have an extra piece of birthday cake for each of you.  (Like I really need it!?) 


5Youngers said...

Happy Birthday Cindy!!!!!

Megan said...

You do have great parents. I can only imagine how you miss them at this time. Just know now that you are surrounded by different people who love you plus they still love you from beyond. Hope you have a wonderful Birthday!!! Lots of Love XOXOX

Kim said...

Happy Birthday Cindy! I'm sure your parents were smiling down on you and enjoying your celebration. And you're a testament to what a great job they did as parents!!

Columbo said...

Happy Birthday my Princess. Your parents are looking down and are so happy you turned out the way you are.
Love you!

scott and vikki said...

have a wonderful birthday! you look amazing!!! i was thinking you were in your 40s.

Laura said...

I love that photo of you with your parents! Happy, happy birthday my friend.

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