Sunday, August 1, 2010

Genealogy - Sentimental Sunday No. 50

My Mother's favorite Grandma was her paternal grandmother, Silvia Stone Heslet.  I just discovered these wonderful photo's of "Grandma Stone" taken in 1922 at  a California beach.  The baby is my Mom.

I love how fully clothed the women were at the beach.  Black clothing and hats.  It had to be warm in the sunshine and on the sand. 
This photo was taken in her later years.  My Uncle just sent it to me.  When I saw it I realized that I had a copy of this photo too.  But, I didn't know who it was.  I sure wish my Mom and Dad had been better about writing peoples names on the photo's. 
Unfortunately I don't really know anything about Grandma Stone.  Looking at the photo above - I think she has kind eyes.  I know how much my Mom loved her.  She had very happy memories of playing at her house.  And, she treasured a china luncheon set that had belonged to her.  The set belongs to me now, and I treasure it too.


Columbo said...

Great photos of your Great Grand Ma. What treasures you have. I love the way people dressed back then at the beach.

Laura said...

Those photos are GREAT!! What a treasure!

Megan said...

Such neat stories. I am so glad that beach attire has changed since then.

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