Sunday, August 15, 2010

Driving Miss Sylvia - Sentimental Sunday No. 51

My Dad always said that someday he was going to write a book called “I Married a Nut”. My Mom was one of the funniest people I’ve ever known…. And my Dad was pretty funny in his own right.

Mom hadn’t learned to drive by the time she and my Dad got married. So after they were married he tried to teach her, his Dad tried to teach her, but things didn’t go very smoothly. She had a little fender bender early on, and she swore off driving. Many years later, probably about ten, my Dad said to her one night, “if you ever get your driver’s license – I’ll eat it!” Well, that challenge was just the little push that she needed. So, with her Mom’s financial help she took driving lessons. I don’t know how long the lessons lasted, but she was finally ready to go to the DMV for her driver’s test.

Mom passed both the driving and written test and finally got her license. That afternoon she made a really great dinner. When Dad came home from work he commented that dinner smelled delicious. She told him to go wash up and it would be on the table in just a few minutes. She served a plate for herself and her Mom, and when my Dad came to the table his plate was waiting with a silver "plate cover" over it. As he sat down Mom removed the cover and said, “There you go! Enjoy your dinner!” All that was sitting on my Dad’s plate was my Mom’s new California Driver’s License. They all had a good laugh, and she probably ended up letting Dad have a little of the dinner too!


Laura said...

That's awesome! Your mom's adorable!!

Columbo said...

Very cute story, and cool that your Mom got her license without your Dad knowing. I know driving a stick shift was challenging!

scott and vikki said...

oh this cracked me up LOL so funny. It must have been great growing up in such a funny family!

Patty said...

How great she finally learned and got her license. Our oldest daughter is now 54, she just got hers last year, then went out and bought herself a new car. My Mother was older before she got hers. She would drive on short trips, like within 20 miles, using a operators permit, which meant a license driver was suppose to be in the car with her. Sorry I haven't been around much. Seems I'm so busy, and then I joined Facebook and can keep up with a lot of my family. Although I still try to post something on my blog everyday. I'm thinking about giving up the blog. Guess I'm too lazy. LOL Hope you, hubby and son are all doing great.

Megan said...

What a funny story! Love her sense of humor.

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