Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Godfather, Orie

People come in and out of our lives. Some stay for a short time - others make a more indelible mark.

A year ago today my beautiful Godfather, Orie, passed away. He was an amazing man. Next to my father, he had the most influence on my life - both growing up and in later years. He and my dad worked for Walt Disney. They were there... they participated in the building of an empire. They were best friends, "Finkle" - that was Orie - and "Dingle" - that was my dad. (Side note: Orie's son, Loren, "my godbrother" called me "Little Dingle".) We celebrated family milestones together - vacationed together - and were each others support in sad times. We were family! My mom and my Godmother, Ginger, were best friends too. Just like "Lucy & Ethel..." always seeing what fun (translation - "trouble") they could get into. I miss these important people in my life so much!! But, they are all together now - in a better place - celebrating, vacationing, and enjoying each other - just like they did in life.

Orie, Cindy & Ginger

Cindy's Baptism Day - 1960


laura said...

He sounds like such an amazing man! What a blessing to have had such wonderful people in your life!

Love the picture of you!

The Christian Family said...

I hope you aren't feeling too sad today, Cindy....I can picture them all together up there laughig it up!
I loved seeing you baby picture!

Columbo said...

I love you so much Honey. My feelings are with you today.
Love, Richard

Megan said...

So nice to have such wonderful role models in our lives. Thanks for sharing.

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