Saturday, July 19, 2008

Tag - You're it!

My friend Laura has tagged me. I've never played a blog game before... but, here goes.

I tag Richard, Adrienne (even though Laura already tagged her) Megan & Andy, and anyone else that wants to play. This was fun. The instructions are at the end.

1. My hometown - Culver City, CA

2. Favorite Hobby - Right now - blogging!

3. Favorite vehicle - This is not something that I usually give a seco
nd thought to! I guess if I had to choose it would be a '57 T-Bird. The kind that Dan Tana drove in the TV show "Vegas".

4. Dream Career - A singer! Only problem - can't really sing!

5. Favorite Restaurant - In Los Angeles it used to be Robaire's on LaBrea. But, they aren't there anymore. Now, it's PF Changs!

6. Favorite Guilty Pleasure - Richard and I just LOVE the ShowTime drama "Dexter". It's awesome. But, definitely a "guilty pleasure".

7. Favorite Flowers - Stargazer Lilies. The beautiful perfume of them! Ah!

8. Favorite Color - Well I do love Black & White for clothing... but favorite color overall would have to be Purple.

9. Favorite Vacation Spot - Anyplace warm and tropical. But, the city that holds my heart always, is New Orleans!

Now, it's your turn!

1. Go to or 2. Type in your answer to the question in the search box 3. Use your favorite image of the subject. 4. Copy the html and paste for the answer.


laura said...

Fun answers Cindy! I think I want to change my fav restaurant to PF Changs too. Yummmmmm!

Columbo said...

Awesome answers! Especially the New Orleans vacation selection..

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