Saturday, July 5, 2008

Only in Oregon!

Bend, Oregon

Kent Couch lifts off from his gas station in Bend, Ore., in his lawn chair rigged with more than 150 giant helium filled party balloons, Saturday, July 5, 2008. Couch, 48, is making his third cluster balloon flight and hopes to go more than 200 miles to Idaho before running out of daylight or helium.
This is Couch's third lawnchair flight in as many years. He hopes to do better than last year when he flew 193 miles before running low on helium. He had to land in the sagebrush of Northeastern Oregon. (AP Photo/Jeff Barnard)
Cindy adds - can you say 'CRAZY'??.... sure you can!!!
UPDATE: He made it to Idaho. Landed by shooting some of the balloons with his trusty bb gun. Oy vey! I still think he is just a little bit crazy!


Megan said...

I can say CRAZY!!

laura said...

How fun is THAT! Those are the neighbors I like!

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