Sunday, October 12, 2008

Day Three in the Big Easy

Another fantastic day in the Big Easy! Today it wasn't so much about the food - although that is not to say we didn't eat and drink well. We got a late start so we "brunched" at Johnny's Po-Boys on St. Louis Street. Cindy had eaten here when she visited New Orleans with her friend Carol in 1994.

John had the Hamburger Steak Po-Boy, which was very much like a meatloaf sandwich. Cindy had a Muffeletta, which is filled with Italian meats, cheeses and delicious olive salad, and Richard had a Gator Po-Boy. The Po-Boys were all "dressed" which means they came with lettuce, tomatoes and mayonnaise. Tasty! The last picture is of our dinner, which we'll talk about later!

After "brunch" we walked... and walked... and walked.... we figured that the route we take through the Quarter is about 3 miles round trip. This is a good thing to help us work off all of the fantastically tasty (and most certainly lo-cal!) meals we have been eating.
Later in the afternoon we went down to the Carousel Bar in the Hotel Monteleone, where we are staying. That was a treat!But, the high point of the day was the Haunted History Tour we took at 6pm. A lot more walking, but filled with fun, ghost stories, and tons of historic tales of New Orleans.
Here are our tour guides, Bill and George. George said that if you believe his Great Grandmother he is descended from General Beauregard! We plan to visit General Beauregard's home later on this week!
Here are a couple of interesting pictures we took through out the day. The second was during our ghost tour. It is the story of Julia! Very interesting! Ask Cindy about it when she returns home, she'll be happy to tell you all about this tragic tale.
We ended the evening with dinner at the Hunt Grill in the Hotel Monteleone. We tried to get into NOLA which is one of Emeril's restaurants in the French Quarter. We ended up making reservations for tomorrow night. Our dinner at the hotel was delectable. Cindy was so excited to taste the meal she forgot to take a picture until we were almost finished. We all had the same thing, Tornadoes of Beef Tenderloin with fois gras. MMMMMM!Posted by Picasa


Columbo said...

Great food and awesome ghosts from the French Quarter. Another great day in the Big Easy.

nolablossom said...

It's always refreshing to read about others positive experiences and fun adventures in our city. I am so glad you are having a wonderful time! You might want to stop by the Historic New Orleans Collection on Royal St. for their exhibition of the earliest-known paper photographs of New Orleans ( )

If you aren't too busy Tuesday night maybe we can meet in the Quarter after your dinner at Cafe Du Monde or a coffee shop. If not then I know you'll return again to NOLA!

Adrienne Christian said...

ok, food looks DELICIOUS but NO ghost stories for me ;-)
miss you,

laura said...

I can't wait to hear about Julia!!!

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