Saturday, October 4, 2008

Paintball Wars

Today was the "Black Hawk Down" paintball war at WarPaint. John went with his friend Reid, and was surprised that his friend Alex was there too. There were about 400 people registered to attend this all day paintball war.
Anyday in the sun and mud with paintballs is considered a good day by John. He had a great time!

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The Mulligan Family said...

A great time for all. Paintballing is really fun. Everybody was out for over 6 hours, playing war games. Things we teach out kids.

Old Lady Lincoln said...

This must be something boys and men enjoy, it sure doesn't sound like fun to me. LOL

laura said...

How fun it that!!

You should see the colored tree trunks in our back yard!

Boys are awesome!!

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