Saturday, October 11, 2008

Nawlins.... Day Two

Day Two... N'awlins Style! The eating continues! We began the day with a jazz brunch at the Court of Two Sisters. Cindy has ALWAYS wanted to have brunch there. We finally made it - and it was everything that she anticipated.

Cindy is embarassed to say she ate ALL of this food. But, she DID and it was more than DELICIOUS! The Eggs Benedict were fabulous; the hollandaise spectacularly creamy with just the right amount of lemony flavor. None of us had ever had Grillades before. That is a breaded veal in a delicate gravy with vegetables. Quite tasty. JJ wasn't too keen on eating veal - but then he tasted it and went back for a plate of his own. There were some fantastic pasta salads, crawfish, and shrimp to round out the "first course"!
There was delicious Turtle Soup, accompanied with more of the Grillades. And to top it off some very tasty Pecan Pie with homemade whipped cream. Richard had a plate of rich creamy vanilla ice cream topped with a Praline Sauce. And, we had a few mimosa's - just to "fill in the cracks"!

The flags in the picture below are displayed in the entry way to the restaurant.

The buildings that house the Court of Two Sisters are from the early 1700's. Originally known as "Governor's Row", the 600 block of Rue Royale was home to five governors, two state Supreme Court Justices, a future Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, and a future President of the United States. The original resident of this address was Sieur Etienne de Perier, royal governor of colonial Louisiana between 1726 and 1733. Click HERE to access the Court of Two Sisters website to learn more about this historic restaurant.

Walking back our hotel we were all quite taken with "Pete the Cat". Quite a fun and whimsical fellow. We bought a T-Shirt for John!
In the afternoon we went to the D-Day Museum. A very somber and educational experience. If you ever come to New Orleans, we highly recommend that you stop by. We took a guided tour of the Pacific Theater. In addition to information on D-Day they cover the entire war in the Pacific. Our tour guide, Tommy, served in WWII. He was an Army Engineer. He was very informative and quite a lot of fun.
John wanted to go back to Cafe Du Monde for Beignets AGAIN! You don't have to twist Cindy or Richards arms to make that happen. So, here we sat at 5pm for an afternoon snack!

We took a nice long stroll through the Quarter back to our hotel. (had to work off some of the massive quantities of food we ate today!)

Here a couple of the beautiful balconies that we passed, and the famous "Corn Cob Fence" on Rue Royal. Saturday was another perfect day, N'awlins Style! The weather was fantastic - not too hot with a wonderfully refreshing breeze. Now we have to see what Sunday will bring!
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Columbo said...

Awesome 2nd day in "Nawlins", the food was great at Two Sisters. The World War II museum was especially worth seeing. The sacrifices during World War II will always be remembered. I was glad my son could see it, as he did Pearl Harbor last year. It is important that our children understand what our Country went through in insuring our freedom.

Darby said...

Turtle soup, huh. I have never tried eating turtle.

I think that "eating your way through Nawlins" is the best way to go. Hope the rest of your visit brings you more joy.

Jason said...

Color me jealous.

laura said...

Your photos are great! and wow, does that look like a cool town. So glad to hear you're having a great time and that they are feeding you well. Love ya!

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Looks like another wonderful day.

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