Saturday, October 25, 2008

Our 21st Anniversary

Today is Richard and Cindy's 21st Wedding Anniversary. And, it has been exactly 24 years since the day they met at Pacific Savings Bank in Hollywood California. Richard was investigating a forgery that had occurred at the bank in which Cindy worked. It was truly love and first sight and we've been together since that day. Call it fate - or kismet - or destiny.... obviously we were "meant to be!"
We celebrated today by going to see the musical "Spring Awakening". Cindy has wanted to see it for several years. She loved it... Thanks to my "men" for going with me!

After the play we ate at our favorite restaurant, PF Changs. We had our usual yummy Chicken Lettuce Wraps, followed by Mongolian Beef and Kung Pao Shrimp. SO TASTY!

After PF Changs we came home to celebrate with some champagne, which we have every year in our wedding glasses that our Matron of Honor, Patricia, bought for us all those years ago. It wouldn't be an anniversary without our toast in these glasses.

John was not too happy about going to the play today... this really isn't his "cup of tea", but he went to make his Mom happy. When asked, "John, how did you enjoy the play?" His response is pretty obvious in the picture below!

It was a fun day! Here's to another 21+ years!

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laura said...

21 years, wow!! Congratulations!! I'm so happy for you guys!!

Lettuce wraps, yummmmm

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Congratulations on your Anniversary. Glad you were able to do something you wanted and enjoyed. Here's to 21 more wonderful years.

jill said...

A hearty congratulations to you! Hope you are back in the groove after your marvelous trip.

Megan said...

Glad you had a good time celebrating. Congrats and many more happy years to come.

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Thank you so much for the Birthday wishes. Hope your Anniversary was a great one.

Columbo said...

Honey, can I put in for another 21?
Richard (Columbo)

irish daisies said...

happy 21st anniversary to you both and many more blessed years!

nolablossom said...

Awww!! Happy Anniversary Cindy and Richard!! Yall are such a sweet couple...

Those lettuce wraps at PFCHang's are yumptious.

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