Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

May today be full of TREATS and no TRICKS!

Have a GREAT Halloween!


Old Lady Lincoln said...

Happy Halloween to you also.

nolablossom said...

Happy Halloween! Tonight there's a Halloween parade through the French Quarter - first Halloween parade with Blaine Kern floats.

And I'll answer the tag questions!

neffie said...

Cindy - I hope you get this. I found out last night that the Twilight tickets are now on sale for the midnight showing at Santiam 11, I don't have email address to those that Laura invited to the Line Party... if you get this can you please let the other yaya sisters know? The line party has changed a bit - everyone is on their own for tickets :-) (btw Laura is doing great!) ~ stephanie

Columbo said...

We didn't have too many groups show up this Halloween, but that meant we have more candy left over for us! I have to go work out now.

Megan said...

Happy Halloween. The treats are better than the tricks except to the waist line. I guess that is just a good excuse to go for a family walk.

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