Friday, October 10, 2008

Let the Good Times Roll!

Well, the title of this blog should REALLY be - "Let the eating begin!" We have arrived in New Orleans. We are "at home". The air fills my soul and heart. I am so incredibly happy to be here. And, of course, the food fills my belly!

Our first stop was Cafe DuMonde for a plate of beignets, and a delicious cup of Cafe Au Lait. YUM!

We walked around the French Quarter and wandered about the French Market. Upon returning to our hotel we decided to go swimming in the roof top pool. It was quite refreshing!
After the swim we went out to dinner at our FAVORITE restaurant on Bourbon Street - The Cajun Cabin. The food was awesome and the band was great. They are the same group of guys that have been playing there for 15+ years. It was great to see them and hear them again!

We had Alligator Bites for an appetizer. Delish! JJ had the 2 meat plate (brisket & ribs), Richard had an Alligator salad (good thing because JJ and I didn't share too much of the Alligator Bites with him!), and I had a "Fun on the Bayou" plate... Crawfish Pie, Jambalaya, and Seafood Gumbo. We also had the wonderful local beer - Abita. Great evening!

We can't wait to see what tomorrow brings! "Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler". (That means "Let The Good Times Roll"!)


laura said...

One of these days I'll make my way to New Orleans myself. It looks like so much fun!!
I hope you bring that twinkle in your eye back with you!
I'm so glad that you are having such a great time!
I'm looking forward to more fun pictures!

Columbo said...

What a great first day. I am stuffed, but very happy to be in the Big Easy again.

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Looks and sounds like an enjoyable trip so far.

Anonymous said...

Well I got your note about being there and came and get under my wide's comment. I suppose it would be like me going back to Gordon, Ohio where I was born. I have a blog about it now.

Have a good day.

Heidi.Minten said...

Cindy your trip sounds wonderful, I am living vicariously through you the next few keep posting and enjoy the food!! Although to your credit anything you eat I am sure you could recreate at home you are an awesome cook!!

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