Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Independence Day

We had a super fun 4th of July, filled with good friends, tasty food and fun fireworks.  It was a great day!
Rob, Dodi & Scott


John & Alyssa ~ Hey!  He is taller than she is now!

Richard bringing over some chairs for us to sit during our "show".

Dodi, Sunny & Alyssa.  Poor Sunny was really NOT digging all the booming sounds in the neighborhood, or the flashes in the sky.

Dodi & Kerry

We ended the evening with this delicious "Patriotic Cheesecake" made by Dodi.  It was SO good!


Columbo said...

Great time was had by all. Food, drink, and fireworks were awesome. The Patriotic Cheesecake was so tasty.

Laura said...

Looks so fun and that cheesecake looks scrumptious!

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