Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ya Ya 10th Anniversary

July 2000 was the first meeting of the Ya Ya's.  We've been going strong for 10 years now!  On Wednesday night we celebrated our anniversary by "allowing" the "men folk" to join us for some Ya Ya fun. 

We played The Newlywed Game and the guys had a little game of their own to play ~ Ya Ya Trivia.  Brenda, our hostess, created that game to see how well the husbands listen to us when we come home after a Ya Ya night.  Charles & Todd "cleaned up" on that one!

Our wonderful hostess & host ~ Brenda & Todd

Adrienne & Joe

Kathy & Charles

Larry & Laura

Richard & Me

Unfortunately, Jamie & Jake were not able to join us.  (Sad face)  Jamie had to work.  We missed them both, tremendously.

Brenda's husband Todd commented that now he understood what she meant when she would come home and say "My cheeks and sides hurt from laughing so much!"  We all had a super fun time.  Thank you Todd for putting up with all of us "crazy ladies" in your home - and thank you to all of our husbands for being good sports about the evening and playing along with the games.


Kim said...

Looks like a GREAT time!!!

Columbo said...

This was an enjoyable evening. I can understand why the Ya Ya's have stayed together so long. Next time when the "men folk" are allow we need a game where I stand a chance! Ha.

Laura said...

It was a blast!! Love ya!

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