Sunday, July 18, 2010

Love Letters - Sentimental Sunday No. 48

Another special gem that we found when cleaning out the garage was a love note that my Grandpa Porter wrote to my Grandma Julia about one month before they were married. At 26 years old, he was 10 years older than she when they married.

While not as full of heartfelt emotion as the letters my Dad wrote to my Mom, it is beautiful and simple in the sentiment of how much he loved her.

The photo above is obviously a few years later, after the arrival of their only child, my Dad.
November 9, 1918

My Dearest Julia:

I received your always welcome letter. As for my love toward you, it is as strong as a heart could make it. It is all for you as there is no other who could fill your place. In my estimation it is a true love that never grows cold.

I remain yours until death parts.

With love and kisses,
Finding this letter was bittersweet, as they divorced in 1941. I always thought they didn’t like each other very much. But, the fact that my Grandmother saved this letter all those years probably indicates that she fondly remembered that time, early in their relationship, when they were very much in love.


Columbo said...

Wow, another touching letter. How special it is that you have these treasures.

Patty said...

Beautiful letter. I'm sure back then people weren't nearly as open about expressing their love for one another like they are now a days. So nice that you have held onto it all of these years. As far as I know, my Grandparents never wrote each other any kind of letter. My parents did, but as far as I know, after my Father passed away, Mom got rid of everything. She was even throwing away some photos. She was very angry with my Father. Not because he passed away, becausse of how he treated her for so many years and I think more angry with herself for putting up with it. It's a shame, but sometimes that happens. Our Sunday has been a very warm, humid day. We've had a few sprinkles, but that only has seemed to make it more humid. We try to stay in doors when it's like that outside. Thanks for dropping by.

Laura said...

Great photo. Your dad is adorable!!

Jason, as himself said...

Why is love so fickle and fleeting?

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