Sunday, July 11, 2010

Love Letters From Sea - Sentimental Sunday No. 47

Here is another letter written to my Mom by my Dad while he was in the Navy. This letter was postmarked December 1, 1941. Just six days later Pearl Harbor will be bombed. The letters to this point look normal with normal postmarks. Letters after that date will bear the seal of the Navy Censors.

30 November 1941
Bremerton, Washington

My Darling Beloved Wife:

I wrote you a special delivery air mail letter yesterday so that you would know that I’m still alive. I sent it ashore with a guy that got paid off and I hope he mailed it before he gets back to Chicago. I went in to Bremerton last night and I bought you another Christmas present. It’s something you once told me you wanted, but I don’t think you’ll guess what it is. It’s large, but not heavy, and looks almost real but isn’t. I could tell you what it is, but won’t; not until Christmas. But what I will tell you is that I love you so very very much and would give anything to be able to hold you in my arms.

I went to a show and saw Honky Tonk and when she ran her fingers through Clark Gables hair and kissed him I got so homesick for you, I almost died. Then I had a hamburger and a cup of coffee and came back to the ship in time to hold 6pm sick call, some speed! I had to look in every store in Bremerton to get you that present and only one had it and I got their last one.

We’re going up North again and then come straight home, (I hope). Honey, I’m so sick of the Navy, and being away from you makes me feel like running away. If I weren’t a short timer, I would. I’m patriotic. I’ve fought for liberty for 3 years, in fact, and I even got leave a couple of times. (puny pun) There hasn’t been anything new going on and the ship is so dead it looks like a tomb. The Chief went over again last night and he hasn’t come back yet. Boy, he’s sure a two timing old turd. I hope he stays over.

What’s new at the rancho, Sweetheart, and how is my darling wife getting along? When you’re not busy tell her that her husband adores her and is terribly in love with her and is awfully anxious to be home with the little redheaded angel. I love you darling. Every time my heart beats it beats twice as hard because your heart is my heart so I have twice as much love for you. I feel like a shadow darling. I feel as if I left myself behind when I had to leave you. I’ve never felt like this before in my life, at least not until I met you. And, for myself I think love’s grand and being married to you is the most wonderful thing in the world. I love you darling, I love you, I love you, and if they don’t get me back to you by Christmas I’m going to want to punch somebody in the snot locker.

Well my darling, adorable, beloved, loving little angel, Mrs. John A Porter, I’ll have to close now. This will be the last letter I will be able to write before I see you (20th). Bye darling and please take care of yourself. I love you angel. I adore you.

Your loving and adoring husband,
He was able to see her at Christmas time, because there are letters dated in January indicating that they had spent time together.


Columbo said...

Nice photos, and the letter reflects the love they had between them. Your Dad could sure put emotions into words. I love you.

Kim said...

What a fun letter!! I love the part where he's so homesick he almost dies after the movie and then in the next sentence describes getting a hamburger :-) I'm glad they were able to get together at the holidays, especially in light of certain events that had just occurred.

Laura said...

What treasures you have there Cindy. These letters are AMAZING!!

Megan said...

Now I am dying to find out what the present he got her was!

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