Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Godparents - Sentimental Sunday No. 49

My Godparents, Orie & Ginger, were my parent’s very best friends. Today would have been Ginger’s birthday. I miss the fun times we had and all of the celebrations we enjoyed.

Dad and Orie worked together at MGM, and later at Walt Disney Studios. I’ve written about my Mom and Ginger in a previous Sentimental Sunday, as well as Orie. You can read those posts here, here and here. They were hilarious together. Not a day went by that they didn’t speak, even on vacation… because we went on vacation together. Usually we went to Las Vegas – but a couple of times we went to San Diego. It didn’t matter where we were – as long as we were all together.

Ginger spent hours with me telling me stories, watching old movies, and working with me on my ballet.  Orie talked to me about gardening and taught me how to make fried green tomatoes and zucchini and pizzelles.  He gave me an appreciation of the most excellent italian food and meats and cheeses, and his sister's taught me to make some of their family italian recipes.  Those were fantastic times full of love and learning and the simple fact that they all spent that time with me made me know how much I was loved.

I was a lucky girl. I had the best parents ever – along with the best Godparents. I love all of them still – even though they’ve all gone on to that vacation in the sky without me. I know that when my time comes they will all be there waiting for me, and we will once again laugh and celebrate together.


Columbo said...

I am so thankful for your parents and Godparents for spending all the time in teaching you so much. You are the best cook I have ever known, and of course the best friend anyone could have. I understood how special they were when I met them. You are the best wife, and I love you.

Patty said...

Aww, isn't your hubby sweet. You are very fortunate to have had great parents and wonderful god parents. Very lucky young lady indeed. Plus all these great memories.

The Mulligan Family said...

Yes, Patty. He's a gem! I lucked out in the hubby department too. You are correct - A very lucky lady!

scott and vikki said...

so sweet! you had many wonderful people in your life i enjoy reading your sentimental sundays so much :)

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