Sunday, July 4, 2010

Love Letters from Sea - Sentimental Sunday No. 46

Mom and Dad were married September 13, 1941. This is the first letter I have that was written after they were married.
October 5, 1941

My Darling Wife,

I have been thinking about you hour after hour, and missing you more and more with the passing of each lonely minute. It seems as though the minutes are hours and the hours are one year. Oh darling, I miss you so. I feel as if I just can’t last another day until I see you, although I get a little comfort in just sitting here and thinking of you, but again I begin to miss you so much more.

You know sweetheart, I feel sorry for some of these fellows on here, not being able to love their wives as much as I love you. After all, you’re my greatest happiness and you’re all I’ve ever wanted and just having you to love and adore is happiness enough to overcome all other hardships of not being able to be with you all of the time. It won’t be like this in exactly 11 months and 29 days. That’s when I get paid off and then I can be with you all of the time.

My darling, I love you so very much. If only they would pay me off now I’d be so pleased that I’d probably say I liked the Navy. But, as long as I have to stay in I’m going to do my work and keep my nose clean.

If you miss me darling, as much as I miss you, then I know you must feel awfully empty and lost. I feel as if I’m alone in the world when I’m not with you. You’ve even become a part of me. You have my heart and soul. In other words, I am a zombie when away from you. I feel like I’m dead and I know I act it.

Well my darling, I must close and go eat chow, or else I won’t get any, so I’ll say bye now and I love you with all of my heart and soul. I love you. I love you.

Your loving and adoring husband,

I love you.
I love you.
I adore you darling.
So sad that he thought he would be out of the Navy by October 1942. (He had enlisted in the summer of 1937 when he was only 17 years old) Of course, we now know that Pearl Harbor was only 2 months away from this letter.

Dad stayed in the Navy until 1944 when he was honorably discharged due to critical injuries sustained in an auto accident while transporting a patient from Long Beach to San Diego.


Columbo said...

What a touching love letter. I know how much they loved each other. It is so special that your Mom and Dad kept these letters so you could have them. I love you Cindy.

Darby said...

Wow! If only everyone felt that way about their loved ones. Your parents truly had something special. <3

Megan said...

How lucky you are to have parents that loved each other so much!

Kim said...

That's a great letter ~ made me smile as I read it! Thanks for sharing!!

Laura said...

Melt my heart!
I told Larry I want him to write me a love letter calling me his darling and sweetheart. :-)
PS, your parents are gorgeous!

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